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Audio Production

Have you ever been driving in your car and heard an ad on the radio that made you laugh so hard you nearly had to pull over? Or had what NPR calls a “driveway moment,” listening to something so engaging that even when you’ve arrived at your destination and shut your car off, you keep listening? That’s the kind of content we strive to create.



Well, first of all, a LOT more people than you might think! But when we talk about Audio Production, we’re not just talking about radio commercials. Audio production also extends to things like podcasting, voiceover work for video content, and advertising on streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

Audio is far from being a medium of the past. In fact you’ve probably consumed some type of audio content in the last 24 hours whether you consciously recognized it or not. Audio has a way of painting a picture using words, sound effects, and music, immersing your listener into a world of their own imagination.


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Flying through the air & swimming in the streams

Whether your audience is driving in the car, tinkering on a project in the garage, or running by the river, we know how find them. There are a wide variety of tactics that we can deploy on your behalf to get your audio content heard by the masses. For example, radio networks allow us to hit large audiences with pretty specific demographics: we can choose which stations to run your advertising on based on age, sex, specific interests (such as sports, politics, and news), musical genres (such as country, rap, rock, or adult contemporary), or even language.

If terrestrial radio is not your thing, we can also go digital: we’ve had lots of success using platforms like Spotify and Pandora to reach local audiences. The advantage to streaming advertising is that you can be a little more specific with your targeting and placement, and can also gather metrics to gauge your campaign’s effectiveness, helping you improve your efforts with every new ad run you place.

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Shall we grab a booth?

Producing high-quality audio requires great microphones and solid gear. If you need voiceover work done on your behalf, want to do your own voiceover work for a project, or need a quick radio commercial made, we have a voiceover booth and production space that makes it easy. We can work together to write up a focused script, get solid audio (either from you or our roster of tried-and-true voice talent), and build your commercial. And our turnaround times on audio are fast — often same-day!

We can help you take over the airwaves

You don’t have to know a sound board from a cutting board to work with us. We’ve helped auto & RV dealerships, plumbers, healthcare providers, insurance agents, political campaigns, and more all hit the right note with well-written scripts and solid production. Let’s chat and see how audio can help you reach your marketing goals.